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Spirulina ω launch Gold Medal TOKYO 2020 "Always fit, I feel like I regenerate faster. I think that's crazy." KEVIN TILLIE
French Volleyball Team
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 French independent laboratories


Active ingredients and natural molecules

MADE IN FRANCEreveived, designed and manufactured in France
Made in France

Dreamed, designed and made in France

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Spirulina ω


Double* unique, liquid & enriched with free phycocyanine.
Triple, the first one really delicious.



This Spirulina ω Omega is quite simply unique. Developed in liquid form for better compliance (ease and pleasure of use) and better bioavailability (fraction of active ingredients assimilated), it contains, in addition to its own phycocyanin (not easily assimilated), free active and concentrated phycocyanin.

Curcumine ω


The thousand-year-old molecule in a reinvented form for unprecedented effectiveness


A liquid form with optimal absorption, proven by professional sportsmen and women and resulting from TMIC®'s collaboration with several universities and research centres (ITERG). Curcumin ω is based on an optimisation of its manufacturing process and a redesigned solubilisation strategy.

Made in France


Dreamed and designed in Bordeaux


The main ingredient company is a company born and based in Bordeaux on the banks of the Garonne. We design and produce our products in partnership with French laboratories and research units. In addition to our commitment, the rigour and regulatory requirements of France ensure that our creations have the highest level of control both in terms of quality and compliance with the strictest standards.

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TMIC, the main ingredient company, food supplements designed to live with you.

Supplements to living.
On a daily basis.


Liquid. Taste studied. Easy to absorb.


Phycocyanine ω has been developed in a free and highly assimilable liquid form to promote effectiveness and daily use. Curcumine ω follows the same logic in order to promote regular use compatible with the fast pace of modern life. At the heart of each product the main ingredient company is this imperative of rationality: simplicity of use, transparency of use, effectiveness and minimal constraints.


Spirulina ω is not only the first of its kind, but also, to our knowledge, the first sensorially pleasant spirulina, thanks to a formulation combining a strain of remarkable quality and natural ingredients in harmony with it.


The formulas ω Curcumin, Phycocyanin and Spirulina have little or no impact on calories and blood sugar.


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