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PHYCOCYANINE ω X35 • cure de trois mois • 40000mg/L


Concentration & Qualité contrôlées :
(+ 40000mg:L de phycocyanine et > 39000mg:L à 12 mois)*

The blue pigment extracted from the heart of Spirulina, released* in liquid form, here in its most powerful and concentrated version (3x Phycocyanine X12).

  • Purified & concentrated to + 35g/l 180mg per dose

  • Liquid form - easy to use, optimal bioavailability, comfort of absorption

  • Immunity

  • Energy

  • Sleep Quality

  • Endurance

  • Resistance to free radicals

  • Performance

  • Stress and Wellness

  • Concentration & Attention

  • Neuroplasticity

One vial of Phycocyanine ω X35 represents the equivalent of three vials of Phycocyanine X12

La phycocyanine ω X35 peut-être utilisée en supplémentation de l’alimentation des animaux de compagnie (chat, chien, chevaux) voir les détails d’utilisation plus bas. (section Phycocyanine X35 pour l’animal ) Voir le “Livre Blanc Animal de ‘the main'”. 

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Liquid form


Natural Assets


Gluten Free

100% compatible with the rules of Vegan nutrition

Vegan Ready


Lactose Free

MADE IN FRANCEreveived, designed and manufactured in France

Made in France


Phycocyanine ω OMEGA X35
la phycocyanine liquide la plus concentrée & la plus accessible jamais mise au point.

Analyse Concentration Phycocyanine ω X35 à +12 mois

Cette analyse permet de mettre en évidence la concentration élevée (le facteur X35 n’est qu’une valeur conservatrice regardée comme minimum. Une telle concentration à comparer avec les échantillons de départ (±40000mg) montre la viabilité et fiabilité de la formulation à moyen, long et même très long terme.

PC signifie phycocyanine totale, elle recouvre l’ensemble des fractions de phycocyanine identifiées dans le substrat.
La phycocyanine ω OMEGA ici analysée est donc dosée à +12 mois à 39g par litre et 20,5g de C-Phycocyanine.


Date d’analyse : 10/02/2023

Dénomination : Echantillon extrait phycocyanine liquide Fournisseur : the main ingredient company®



Méthode Unités PC Absorbance mg/l CPC Absorbance mg/l APC Absorbance mg/l PE Absorbance mg/l
Résultats 38876 20593 8250 3696




Résultats d’analyses 08/07/2022
Multirésidus GC 150 Négatif
Multirésidus LC 250 Négatif



Paramètre/Parameter Méthode/Method Matière première Résultat/Result Critère/Criteria Unité/Unit
Dénombrement des germes aérobies totaux P.E.2.6.12 UFC/g <10 <10 UFC/g
Dénombrement des levures et moisissures P.E.2.6.12 UFC/g ≤ 10000 <100 UFC/g
Dénombrement des bactéries Gram négatives P.E.2.6.31 UFC/g <10 <100 UFC/g
résistantes aux sels biliaires P.E.2.6.31 Absence <100 Absence UFC/g
Recherche d’Escherichia coli PE2.6.31 Absence Absence Absence UFC/25g
Recherche de Salmonelles PE2.6.31 Absence Absence Absence UFC/25g


hydrocarbure aromatiques polycycliques 

Paramètre Technique Type d’échantillon Méthode Résultat Unité
Pesticides (1) LC-MS et GC-MS Matière première Méthode interne <2.0 Hg/kg
Benzo(a)pyrène GC-MS Matière première Méthode interne <2.0 Mg/kg
Somme des 4 HAP GC-MS Matière première Méthode interne <2.0 Mg/kg




Métaux lourds Concentration Conformité
Total des métaux lourds ≤ 10,0 ppm Conforme
Plomb (Pb) ≤ 2,0 ppm Conforme
Arsenic (As) ≤ 1,0 ppm Conforme
Mercure (Hg) ≤ 0,5 ppm Conforme
Cadmium (Cd) ≤ 1,0 ppm Conforme

All our products are designed for optimal absorption. We generally recommend that you take Phycocyanine ω X35 on an empty stomach, shortly before breakfast. Then, in case of multiple intakes, before lunch and finally dinner.


Period of use: from one to three months.

This can be extended up to three months.
In the case of a prolonged use, interrupt for one month with a new cycle of use.

Normal use

taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach.
1 x 5ml per day (5ml = one teaspoon).

Specific Use

(intensive training, cycles of competitions) or context of fragility (accumulated fatigue, stress, atony etc.)
2 to 3 teaspoons per day, shortly before meals.

A noble pigment extracted from Spirulina, phycocyanine is a natural molecule whose promising properties have been the focus of research at the main ingredient company®. They aimed at developing the most effective phycocyanine on the market.


Superiorly concentrated, one dose (5ml) of Phycocyanine ω X35 contains 180mg of pure phycocyanine, which is 3 times more than Phycocyanine ω 12, which can be substituted for a prolonged use (90 days) with a triple advantage, ecological, price and practical.

Phycocyanine Omega ω X35 contains more than 180mg of pure and released total phycoycanine per daily dose and allows a use over a period of 30 days at a rate of one teaspoon per day. (30x5ml)


1 dose quotidienne :
180mg de phycocyanine libre
glycerine végétale

Our body has the necessary resources for its optimal functioning.


Phycocyanine Omega ω has been designed to maintain, restore, prolong and optimize these natural balances. This optimization has an impact on the general feeling in terms of energy, fatigue sensitivity, performance and endurance, sleep quality and stress resistance.


The desired effects are supported by a very large number of studies, but they are especially confirmed empirically by users and particularly high-level athletes with whom the main ingredient company develops and validates its nutritional supplements.


the main ingredient company® turns away from the symptoms of a dysfunction to target its root causes.

Phycocyanine is one of the accessory pigments of Spirulina allowing photosynthesis. It is responsible for the bluish color of spirulina and represents about 15% of its composition. Unjustly called phycocyanin, this much sought after active ingredient is in fact the phycobilisome, a complex composed of phycoerythrin, phycocyanin and Allophycocyanin.


The phycobilisome is naturally attached to the membrane of thylakoids*.


The phycobilisome is hydrophilic. This character gives it a perfect cellular bioavailability. It is absorbed in the duodenum by facilitated membrane transport. In order to isolate the phycobilisome, it is necessary to cross a succession of membranes, then to release it from the surface of the thylakoids* to which it is firmly attached.


*Disks containing chlorophyll, stacked by 50 or 100 to form the grana in the chloroplasts


Everything seems to indicate that a tiny part of the phycocyanin contained in spirulina is effectively absorbable by the body. The challenge of its extraction is to achieve a complete release, which will optimize bioavailability and radically increase (by a factor of 100) the amount of active phycocyanin in the system.


Once released, phycocyanin is known to be 7000 times more active than when contained in spirulina. This crucial extraction allows the body to assimilate it more easily and in greater quantities. Indeed, if it is not previously extracted from spirulina, it must be extracted during digestion.


The prior release of the phycobilisome accelerates and increases its assimilation by the body, making it incomparably more bioavailable.

Our research efforts have focused on the development of an innovative and exclusive process allowing the complete release of the phycobilisome without any trace of chlorophyll or chloroplast membrane. Unlike traditional processes, this one is non-destructive.


ⁱ Research work on the potential antioxidant effects of certain fractions from Spirulina
Research work on the potential antioxidant effects of phycocyanin on certain families of blood cells
Research work studying the favorable effects of phycocyanin on liver via cyclooxygenase inhibition
Research work aimed at understanding the possible stimulation of hematopoietic activity by Spirulina
⁵ Research work investigating the potential mechanisms of a nephroprotective activity of c-Phycocyanin
⁶ Research work on the potential preventive action of Spirulina on the oxidative stress suffered by skeletal muscles during sports exercises

Notably tested with success on competition horses, phycocyanine ω X35 can be used as a supplement in the diet of pets (cats, dogs, horses) with results similar to those sought in humans. The optimal number of uses depends on the metabolism, size and weight of the animal (risk of overdosing is low due to the absence of a toxic threshold, see recommendations for more details).


The conversion rules take into account the faster metabolism in lighter animals (cats, dogs), slower in heavier animals (horses).


For a weight index of 60kgs in a human being corresponding to a dose that can go from 180mg (5ml - one teaspoon) to 540mg (15ml- 3x teaspoons)

The equivalent dose for the animal will be : 

Cat (5kg) : (5 / 60) x 2,5* x ( from 180mg to 540mg ) or 0,21x the dose dedicated to a human being (± 1 to 3ml)
Dog (15kg) : (15 / 60) x 1,8* x ( from 180mg to 540mg ) or 0,45x the dose dedicated to a human being (± 2 to 7ml)
Horse (600kg) : (600 / 60) x 0,35* x ( from 180mg to 540mg ) that is to say 3,5x the dose dedicated to a human being (± 17 to 50ml)

Contributions positives dePhycocyanine ω X35

Radical Democratization Phycocyanine ω

Weight 0,210 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 12.5 cm



vegetable glycerine, phycocyanine (35g/l) extracted from spirulina

Tips for use

Recommended one-month course of treatment
Continuous use : 1 daily intake in the morning on an empty stomach
Performance research or attack cure: 1 to 2 teaspoons of X35 during the 15 days preceding a competition and the 7 days following
1 intake = 1 teaspoon (5 ml including 175mg of phycocyanine) diluted in water or fruit juice
If used in place of phycocyanine X12: 1 dose = one third of a teaspoon (1,7ml including 60mg of phycocyanine)

Days of use per bottle

Normal treatment: 30 days (1 daily dose)
Intensive phase: 15 days (2 times daily)
1 intake = 1 teaspoon (5 ml including 175mg of phycocyanine) diluted in water or fruit juice

If used in place of phycocyanine X12 : 90 days
1 intake = one third of a teaspoon (1.7ml including 60mg of phycocyanine)


There are no known side effects at the recommended dosages.
However, it is advised to all persons under therapeutic treatment, with a known medical history, or to parents of children under six years of age, to seek medical advice before starting a phycocyanine treatment ω.
In the current state of knowledge, we formally advise against the use of phycocyanine ω during pregnancy because of its detoxifying action.



  1. Hyperion Keats (confirmed customer) -

    It's hard to believe that a product, however good it is, can have such a global effect on my body, my well-being and my ability to face everyday life. The 35 is indeed a kind of buldozer when circumstances are difficult. I even have the impression that the effects increase from one treatment to another.

  2. wilfrid disy (confirmed customer) -

    I have been using this product for more than a year, I am 60 years old, I have been practicing bodybuilding for 40 years, this phycocyanine brings me energy, well being, good morale, I strongly recommend

  3. Jules LASSON (confirmed customer) -

    Hello TMIC team!
    Super phyco that I used for many months while I was going to the gym to rebuild myself after a cancer. Unfortunately, things have changed and I can no longer go to my gym because I refuse the "directives and obligations" dictated by those who govern us. The price, is also a little hard on my purse because I had to stop everything and I survive only thanks to social assistance for the moment. In short, from what I could feel and see with the Phyco 35, it is a great experience and a top product! Thank you and have a nice day!

  4. Sylvie Goirand (confirmed customer) -

    Energy and vitality have been regained, and I have the desire and the possibility to move more.
    The only drawback is the price, which will not allow me to do cures as long and often as I would like.

  5. Marie Gegout (confirmed customer) -

    A really high quality concentrated product!
    A boost for the body and mind.
    I recommend it without hesitation even if the price seems high I sincerely think that it surpasses by far all the vitamins bought in the shops and pharmacies.

  6. christinenormand99 (confirmed customer) -

    This product is a bomb. It activates the energy plant of my metabolism slowed down by a chronic inflammation and the arrival of the effects related to menopause. I am delighted to have been advised on the product. It is a bit expensive but the price is worth it. The concentrate of vitamins and trace elements alleviate in one product the constitutional needs essential to the functioning of the digestive, neuro-vegetative and eliminatory system.
    A surprising and encouraging product to get out of a state of inflammation, chronic fatigue and generalized anxiety in order to regain a balance important to fulfillment.
    Thank you to the genius who created this product and to the whole team behind it.

  7. Asma HAFRAOUI (confirmed customer) -

    Je connais et utilise la phycocianine depuis quelques années déjà. Intriguée par la puissance de la concentration de chez “The main ingrédient ” j’ai testé la phycocianine X35 et quelle fut ma satisfaction. Diminution de mon état de fatigue chronique, renforcement de mon immunité, regain d’énergie et d’endurance. Associée à la curcumine j’ai ressenti un bel effet sur mes douleurs articulaires et musculaires. Bref je ne peux que recommander ce produit dont la qualité est remmarquable.

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