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Origin of the materials, the validity of the complementation, duration of use and expected effects, we try here to collect the product of our exchanges through social networks and to give you real answers. Do not hesitate to participate and share your questions with us.

origin, quality, and concentration of materials

The question of the origin of raw materials is a major concern for consumers and users. Nevertheless, behind this question lies a concern whose heart is not strictly speaking the origin of the ingredients but the widely held suspicion of chronic toxicity of certain crops. the main ingredient company turns away from fears and beliefs to seek the truth and formulate the most rational and advantageous quality-price equation for both its audience and the environment. This involves moving away from prejudices to focus on actual quality. For this reason, the main ingredient company consistently sources materials from various locations around the world to ensure ingredient quality that exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements.


The main ingredient company being specialized in the concentration of natural molecules (as opposed to a totum (a sum of elements), there are no possible interpretations. Unlike a Spirulina which, depending on its origin, can present very different micronutrient concentrations, the phycocyanins of the omegat series contain a minimum and guaranteed quantity of released phicobiliproteins*.


In order to guarantee the integrity and safety of the raw materials used in the formulation of our products, the main ingredient company carries out successive analyses and counter-analyses attesting to some of the lowest thresholds found on the market (often 1 Ppb vs. 1Ppm, i.e. 1000x less than the target levels) in terms of heavy metals and pesticides (non-detection for the two phycocyanins ω). The concentrations are also systematically controlled and coupled with margins ensuring that the levels are at least equal to, if not higher than, those claimed. The current generation* of X35 phycocyanine has been certified at 5860mg (*2020) making it a x38.5...



**Only the ratio between c-phycocyanin, allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin is likely to vary but in practice it is fairly constant for reasons intrinsically linked to the organisation of the phicobilisome.

"the main ingredient company consistently sources materials from various locations around the world to ensure ingredient quality that exceeds the most stringent regulatory requirements."

Hello, the phycocyanine and curcumin ω are aimed at individual contexts of fragility, search for optimization of physiological functions(phycocyanine), comfort and feeling during sustained sports activities(Curcumin), balance of the digestive function (Curcumin), stimulation of performance and endurance (phycocyanine). The Technical Files explaining the specific work carried out on each material will give you a lot of information on the specificity of our products. However, we encourage you to consult the scientific literature as well as the reference sites on the subject in order to form an informed opinion on the subject.


The difference between the main ingredient company is its dual objective of democratisation and the provision of concentrations corresponding to those used in the studies on which our formulation work is based.

supplementation, complementation, what for?

The research of the main ingredient company ® focused on the development of a process that ensures a perfect release of phycocyanin and its concentration at levels that ensure the full expression of its effects.

The significant concentration of ω X12 (12g/litre) shows the full effects of phycocyanin

The exceptional concentration of Phycocyanine ω X35 (35g/litre) makes it suitable for specific contexts such as the accompaniment of situations of pronounced fragility and the search for increased performance (high-level athletes, training phase and particularly demanding events, marathons, Ironman, long-distance trekking, etc).

why the choice of plastic? (PET)

The bottles are made of 100% recyclable PET. Why are they recyclable? We made a trade-off with glass by observing that the sum of the round trips made by the products would result in a very significant increase in carbon emissions via the weight differential: the current 150ml bottle weighs 16g compared to 120g for a glass bottle. To this must be added the size of the bottle and its breakage, with average emissions of 72 to 100g per tonne and per kilometre. In addition, and the more the volume of the product increases, the more the weight/safety/volume ratio deteriorates with glass.


Hence our current choice, also constrained by the small size of the still very young company / we hope to be able to switch to recycled fart, the real balance of which is the best to date (accessible on very large quantities). Our greatest hope lies with a French company,Carbios, which has recently been able to completely repurify pet elements (isolation of the fundamental elements: terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol), which means infinite recyclability. We are therefore close to having a superior solution to glass in many configurations. Plastic could become fantastic again.


Organic Plastics are too incomplete and still have a too unbalanced balance sheet. We believe in full awareness that they cannot be a long-term answer by consuming precious arable land for tomorrow's agriculture.


CO2 emitted to produce 20g of PET = 60g/CO2e These 60g represent ± 30% of the total balance of the plastic (including transport) which is approximately Xg PET = X*(3/0.3) = 10X CO2 in our case 200g.

CO2 emitted to produce 120g of glass = (8.4)x120=1008g CO2) with high variations depending on all the factors that make the product available. The theoretical total balance would be 1008g.

CO2 emitted to recycle 120g of glass = 1.4×120 = 168g CO2e, this balance does not take into account the transport and various pickups which therefore also weigh in since it is exactly proportional to the weight. Probably 700g.

Once the numbers are in, things are not so simple. They seem to us to be making the most reasoned decision at the moment.

"Our greatest hope lies in a French company "Carbios", which has recently been able to completely repurify PET elements by isolating the fundamental elements, which in the long term will mean infinite recyclability".

This is a fundamental question that comes down to examining the merits of nutritional complement/supplementation. We are inclined to think that a healthy lifestyle coupled with a favourable environment and a pattern of events that does not encourage anxiety or stress, allow the expression of all the capacities of an individual to manifest his optimal functioning, without any artifice. Nevertheless, this situation remains exceptional and even if we are concerned about taking care of our body, to spare ourselves and to preserve ourselves, our often frenzied daily lives, our obligations, the chaotic rhythms to which we subscribe by envy, by habit, or simply forced, generate disorders and disturb the optimal functioning of our body.


It is within this framework that natural molecules can find ways to support key physiological mechanisms and move them towards maximum efficiency. This also means not using them permanently, but using them as circumstances dictate. The other environment in which supplementation designed by the main ingredient company makes sense is that of the sportsman or woman seeking performance: while his or her lifestyle and diet is undeniably virtuous, the level of stress induced by close training and sudden changes in terms of sleep and effort is high.


In addition to the harmonisation of vital functions, certain targeted effects of phycocyanine and curcumin (musculoskeletal complex) modify the capacity to absorb the load, the speed of recovery and the state of mind. Finally, and this is the key, we are only working to make available molecules that cannot be found in the diet (Phycocyanine) or whose desired effectiveness is incompatible with the quantities/bioavailability required to obtain the effects (curcumin, resveratrol, sulforaphane, etc.). However, it should be emphasised that our mission is to target the root causes to the exclusion of the symptoms in order to support the body's autonomy. We hope that we have provided the beginning of a concrete answer to a real question.

What's the point of having a healthy and balanced diet?

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