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The active ingredient of Turmeric with remarkable antioxidant properties, pro-articular, concentrated in a liquid form with increased bioavailability.

  • Cellular protection factor against oxidative stress,

  • Helps support joint comfort and health as well as bone integrity

  • Helps maintain joint mobility

  • Liquid form - easy to use, optimal bioavailability, comfort of absorption

  • Contributes to the harmonization of the intestinal function

  • Promotes the balance of the microbiota

  • Optimizes recovery phases in association with phycocyanine ω X12 and X35

  • 30 days of use, taken twice daily

Complément idéal des  Phycocyanine X35 et X12. (Association de formules utilisées par Kevin Tillie, Enzo Couacaud, Walide Khyar et l’ensemble des athlètes de la Team “the main”)

Curcumine ω  peut-être utilisée en supplémentation de l’alimentation des animaux de compagnie (chat, chien, chevaux) voir les détails d’utilisation plus bas. (section Curcumine ω pour l’animal )
 Voir le section “ANIMAL” par the main 

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Liquid form


Natural Assets


Gluten Free

100% compatible with the rules of Vegan nutrition

Vegan Ready


Lactose Free

MADE IN FRANCEreveived, designed and manufactured in France

Made in France


A new generation of Curcumin more concentrated and with increased bioavailability, instrument of joint comfort and intestinal balance, developed and validated with professional athletes.

Tous nos produits sont pensés en vue d’une absorption optimale.
Nous vous recommandons de consommer Curcumine ω (omega) en 2 prises quotidiennes le matin lors du petit déjeuner et le soir lors du repas.


Period of use:

From one to three months.
Can be extended in certain contexts (see specific use)

Normal use

Daily intake in the morning on an empty stomach in one go or second intake in the evening before dinner.
2 daily doses in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with dinner.
2 x 5ml per day (5ml = one teaspoon).

Specific Use

A microsupplementation in curcumin can be specifically considered over a long period of time (more than 3 months) in certain contexts of long-lasting pain.
1 x 5ml per day (5ml = one teaspoon).


Shake the bottle of Curcumin ω before use.

Extracted from turmeric, curcumin is a natural molecule whose properties have been recognized for centuries in traditional medicine and are now more than ever fuelling researchers' hopes for new applications. The research efforts of the main ingredient company® have aimed at developing the most effective natural curcumin on the market, combining an unprecedented real assimilation with optimal concentrations: Curcumin ω 2.0.
This exclusive supplementation was designed by the main ingredient company® with high-level athletes in collaboration with ITERG, the University of Paris XI, and then validated by its users during a real-life test.


It can be used over a period of 31 days, at a rate of two daily doses (2x4ml).

Curcumin omega ω contains more than 100mg curcumin (Curcumin + Bisdemetoxycurcumin + Demetoxycurcumin) pure and released per daily dose and allows for use over a period of 30 days at a rate of two teaspoons per day. (±30×8,5ml)


1 dose quotidienne :
100mg de Curcuminoïdes d’absorption améliorée (70 à 80% de Curcumine)
glycerine végétale

Curcumine  ω (omega) a été conçue afin de maintenir, restaurer, prolonger et optimiser ces équilibres naturels.
Cette optimisation vise tout particulièrement :

_Le confort et de façon générale la santé de la fonction articulaire
_L’équilibre intestinal et l’harmonisation du microbiote
_La protection de l’intégrité cellulaire face au stress oxydatif


Optimization of the effects of phycocyanine (X12 and X35), which we recommend to combine with Curcumin ω (omega)

Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric. It is the main curcuminoid of curcuma longa (about 80%). It is part of the curcuminoids (desmethoxycurcumin, bidesmethoxycurcumin, dihydrocurcumin). They give the yellow coloring to the rhizome of turmeric from which they are extracted.



A promising but unavailable asset


Curcumin is often recommended for its virtues. It has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and continues to fuel the hopes of researchers with spectacular results in-vitro. The prospects of transposing the results to the body have been limited until now because of the very low bioavailability and the difficulty for manufacturers to extract it.


the limits of ordinary processes


Its low bioavailability is related to its liposolubility. Less than 1% of Curcuminoids are assimilated by the body in their standard form. To counter this low assimilation due to the liposolubility of curcumin, the association with piperine (black pepper extract) is currently used. This increases intestinal permeability by creating micro-lesions serving as a gateway to turmeric, with the disadvantage of increasing non-selective permeability and the passage of other substances and toxins. Some studies have shown the appearance of food intolerances and allergies among others. Nevertheless, these results must be weighted on a case-by-case basis given the considerable doses often involved in the studies cited (>40mg/d/kg in rodents). Beyond the reservations expressed and the hopes raised, piperine does not seem to us to increase bioavailability significantly enough compared to other strategies.

Encapsulation techniques are also used to increase bioavailability. These techniques include liposomes because of their ability to solubilize hydrophobic components, but the improvements observed are still not very conclusive.
the limits of ordinary processes.


the pitfall of liposolubility


To meet these challenges, we pursued two objectives: to increase the total bioavailability of curcuminoids and to refine the processes allowing higher concentrations in a liquid form. Based on the experiments we have conducted, the choice was made to use a dispersion of Curcuminoid nanoparticles supportedby hydrophilic agents that cause a partial solubilization.


Curcumin ω, Solubilization and Nanodispersion


In order to counteract this poor uptake, we have developed a form of curcumin that achieves a synthesis between nanodispersion and solubilization. This results in an easier transport at the intestinal level and not in an increase of the permeability with piperine. This passive transport is the pathway used in the case of encapsulated curcumin and which allows such an increase in bioavailability. However, unlike encapsulated forms, the water-soluble form of Curcumin ω avoids the use of surfactants, and any chemical additives. The new generation of Curcumin ω has also increased the concentration of curcumin of increased bioavailability from 50mg/100ml to 1200mg/100ml.


ⁱ Travaux de Recherche étudiant les effets favorables de la Curcumine sur l’Arthrose : un nouveau paradigme et une opportunité thérapeutique pour le traitement de l’arthrose
2Travaux de recherche visant à établir les effets de la curcumine sur le Stress oxydant : croissance tumorale et l’angiogenèse dans les cancers de l’ovaire en ciblant la voie du facteur nucléaire kappaB.

3 Travaux de Recherche étudiant les effets favorables de la Curcumine sur l’inflammation : Effets de la curcumine sur les concentrations sériques de cytokines chez les sujets atteints du syndrome métabolique:
Travaux de recherche démontrant les effets positifs de la Curcumine sur des utilisateurs en bonne santé
⁵ Travaux de recherche visant à mettre en évidence les effets de la Curcumine sur la dyslipidémie et de façon générale sur les facteurs de développement d’un  “syndrome métabolique”


>> More: Curcumin ω Technical

Curcumin ω has been successfully tested on competition horses in association with phycocyanine x35. It can be used as a supplement in the diet of pets (cats, dogs, horses) with results similar to those sought in humans, particularly in terms of comfort and prevention of certain joint pains. The number of optimal uses depends on the metabolism, size and weight of the animal (risk of overdosing is low due to the absence of a toxic threshold, see recommendations for more details).

>> Voir la complémentation nutritionnelle “ANIMALE” selon the main 


The conversion rules take into account the faster metabolism in lighter animals (cats, dogs), slower in heavier animals (horses).


For a weight index of 60kgs in a human being corresponding to a dose that can go from 60mg (5ml - one teaspoon) to 180mg (50ml- 3x teaspoons)

The equivalent dose of Curcumin ω will be for the animal of :

Chat (5kg) : (5 / 60) x 2,5* x ( de 60mg à 180mg ) soit 0,21x la dose dédiée à un être humain  (± 1 à 3ml)
Chien (15kg) : (15 / 60) x 1,8* x ( de 60mg à 180mg )  soit 0,45x  la dose dédiée à un être humain (± 2 à 7ml )
Cheval (600kg) : (600 / 60) x 0,35* x ( de 60mg à 180mg )  soit 3,5x  la dose dédiée à un être humain (± 17 à 50ml )

Positive contributions sought from Curcumin ω

Weight 0,330 kg
Dimensions 13,5 cm



vegetable glycerin, curcumin (1200mg/100ml) extracted from curcuma longa

Tips for use

Continuous use: one dose in the morning on an empty stomach + one dose in the evening
As part of a cure: 4 daily doses
In case of fragility : 4 daily doses, spaced out, then increase or decrease the doses according to the perceived effects
Search for performance: 4 daily "double" doses (8ml)
1 intake = 1 teaspoon (4 ml) diluted in water or fruit juice

Day of use per bottle

Continuous use: 30 days (one dose in the morning on an empty stomach, one dose in the evening)
Cure: 15 days (4 daily doses)
Performance : 7 days (4 "double" doses of 8ml)
1 dose = 1 teaspoon (4 ml) diluted in water or fruit juice


There are no known side effects at the recommended doses.
However the consumption of curcumin without medical advice is not recommended:
- In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding
- For people taking antivitamins K (because of its natural anti-platelet effect)
- In case of proven gallstones (due to the slight increase of biliary secretion)
- In case of taking beta-blockers, curcumin can reduce their effects.



  1. jerome DEBESNE (confirmed customer) -

    My brother who lives in Ireland has been taking curcumin+phycocyanine+magnesium+omeg3 every day and in larger than normal doses on the advice of a friend for years to reduce the effects of his has saved his life (he says so). Before, after mowing the lawn, he would stay in bed for a week. Now he goes surfing several times a week. Of course, he has small crises from time to time but nothing like what he had before. Jérôme

  2. bezombesolivier (confirmed customer) -

    Very good quality product.
    The articular pains decreased well to see disappeared after a few weeks.
    After the stop of consumption our articular pains returned so we continue.
    I recommend this product.

  3. Luca BORRI (confirmed customer) -

    consuming phycocyanine, spirulina and curcumin for a few years, I have been looking at these products for a few months. I have to say that the quality is good, with prices more than reasonable for the duration and quality of the products. It helps me a lot to reduce fatigue, aches and pains and to give even more during my crossfit trainings, being able to combine classes and crossfit during the day without worries.

  4. christinenormand99 (confirmed customer) -

    Suffering from fibromyalgia, I recently tested this product on the advice of a Chinese medicine therapist.
    I must admit that I was bluffed by the positive effects: a clear decrease in pain, more energy and punch, motivation recovered and morale improved. All of this in fifteen days. Slowly, I am getting better sleep.
    Coupled with phycocyanine 35, these two products are surprisingly effective.
    Obviously, I am only at the beginning since I have to continue the cure over 3 months.
    But the quality and quantity are undeniably there.
    Their taste is very pleasant. The capacity of the bottles is sufficient to cover the needs for a month.
    Small lab without marketing, an obvious seriousness and a concern of customer satisfaction with convincing results. Thank you for your knowledge. I look forward to continuing this adventure.

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