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Points of sale and partners

You are looking for points of sale the main ingredient company® in order to discover the brand's food supplements and nutritional supplements. You would like to meet professionals who can advise you. All this information can be found here.


the main ingredient company is present in a diversified network of sales outlets, prescribers in the world of health and sport, shops specialising in nutrition, pharmacies, spas and concept stores. They all support us and subscribe to the value of proximity, transparency and democratisation of natural molecules.


These are not only points of sale, but partner places where you can find advice, recommendations and a real affinity with the values of the main ingredient company.
In addition to the official website and the physical points of sale, other places allow you to discover, touch and better understand the philosophy of the products the main ingredient company. Through professionals from the fields of nutrition and care, you will approach natural molecules as part of a broader understanding of the factors of well-being.


Products made by related companies sometimes use active fractions directly from phycocyanin and curcumin ω. They are an opportunity to discover innovative and creative brands(Mama Kombucha) whose products we complete with our natural molecules.

Prescribers, places of discovery,
and cross-branding

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If you take the time to discover the main ingredient company, you will see that the formulations ω are different. If you really don't have the time, at least let us give you some news :)