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Phycocyanine ω

Phycocyanine is one of the accessory pigments of Spirulina allowing photosynthesis. It is responsible for the bluish color of spirulina and represents about 15% of its composition. Unjustly called phycocyanin, this much sought after active ingredient is in fact the phycobilisome, a complex composed of phycoerythrin, phycocyanin and Allophycocyanin.

Environment and availability
of the phycobilisome

The phycobilisome is naturally attached to the membrane of thylakoids*.


The phycobilisome is hydrophilic. This character gives it a perfect cellular bioavailability. It is absorbed in the duodenum by facilitated membrane transport. In order to isolate the phycobilisome, it is necessary to cross a succession of membranes, then to release it from the surface of the thylakoids* to which it is firmly attached.


*Disks containing chlorophyll, stacked by 50 or 100 to form the grana in the chloroplasts

The research of the main ingredient company ® has focused on the development of a process ensuring a perfect release of phycocyanin and its concentration at levels ensuring the full expression of its effects

The significant concentration of ω X12 (12g/litre) shows the full effects of phycocyanine

The exceptional concentration of Phycocyanine ω X35 (35g/liter) makes it suitable for specific contexts such as the accompaniment of situations of pronounced fragility and the search for increased performance (high-level athletes, training phase and particularly demanding events, marathon, Ironman, long-distance trek, etc).


Everything seems to indicate that a tiny part of the phycocyanin contained in spirulina is effectively absorbable by the body. The challenge of its extraction is to achieve a complete release, which will optimize bioavailability and radically increase (by a factor of 100) the amount of active phycocyanin in the system.


Once released, phycocyanin is known to be 7000 times more active than when contained in spirulina. This crucial extraction allows the body to assimilate it more easily and in greater quantities. Indeed, if it is not previously extracted from spirulina, it must be extracted during digestion.


The prior release of the phycobilisome accelerates and increases its assimilation by the body, making it incomparably more bioavailable.

The release of the phycobilisome has the effect of accelerating and increasing its assimilation by the body: Once extracted from spirulina, a much larger part of the phycobilisomes will be available early enough to be absorbed by the body.

a total release
& non-destructive

Phycocyanine is perfectly water soluble. It is then naturally detached from the membrane to which it is bound in spirulina. It disperses instantly in water when the membrane of spirulina is broken, it is then released from other elements of spirulina. By diffusing in water, it is extracted.


Studies on phycocyanine consistently show a "dose-dependency", i.e. a direct relationship between the quantity ingested and the magnitude of the effects observed. The main ingredient company® addresses this issue by delivering a perfectly released and highly concentrated phycocyanine X12 (12g/liter) & X35 (35g/liter)).


Our research efforts have focused on the development of an innovative and exclusive process allowing the complete release of the phycobilisome without any trace of chlorophyll or chloroplast membrane. Unlike traditional processes, this one is non-destructive.


This process also makes it possible to reach very high concentrations of phycobilisome, which is particularly interesting for maximizing the effects. The threshold of approximately 1g/l corresponding to the standard of products encountered on the market in 2017 was first raised to 10g/l in the case of "phycocyanine ω X10", then 12g/l and 35g/l thanks to progress made throughout the development of the main ingredient company.


The phycocyanine ω is totally natural, without preservatives, without coloring and without flavoring.


the main ingredient company® innovates in the extraction, concentration and bioavailability of complex natural molecules.


dreamed, designed & manufactured in France.

Phycocyanine ω X12

concentrated at 12g/litre
The reference phycocyanine of optimal concentration and accessible to all

Phycocyanine ω X35

concentrated at 35g/litre
ω X35: the most powerful phycocyanine of the omega family

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