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All the elements appearing on this site are protected by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Consequently, any reproduction of them, in whole or in part, or imitation, without our express, prior and written agreement, is prohibited.

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This prohibition extends in particular, without this list being restrictive, to any editorial element appearing on, to the presentation of screens, to the software necessary for operation, to logos, images, photos, graphics, of any nature whatsoever.

Access is intended for any person (hereinafter referred to as "User") who wishes to submit an unsolicited application or access a specific job offer offered by THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY®.

It is specified that the service "your space" is only accessible by login and password.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® reserves the right to modify, improve and enrich the services offered on at any time.


Accessibility to the services of the Site

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® undertakes to implement all the means at its disposal in order to offer the best services to the User and to facilitate access to them.

As such, THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® strives to keep accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

However, this access may be interrupted at the initiative of THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® or its service providers responsible for the implementation and hosting of the Site for maintenance or any other technical reason. In these specific cases of interruption, THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® will endeavour to inform the User beforehand and to limit the duration of the interruption.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® also reserves the right to interrupt access to the services without its liability being engaged in cases such as attacks on the Site (viruses, malicious intrusions, etc.) likely to have an impact on the capacity, security and integrity of the processing or data, knowledge by THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® of the presence of illegal content; or a request for suspension or restriction of access to the Site made by an administrative or judicial authority or by a third party.

Data security and confidentiality

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® complies with the requirements of the modified law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, called "Informatique et Libertés" in the processing of the User's personal data.

In particular,THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® undertakes to ensure the security of the data in order to prevent it from being distorted, damaged or communicated to unauthorised third parties and to use it only for the exclusive purpose of managing the User's unsolicited applications or applications linked to vacancies and their follow-up.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® cannot be held responsible towards the User for the loss or disappearance of data concerning the User due to a case of force majeure or the fact of a third party.

Commitments of the User

The User undertakes and takes all appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and conservation of his access code and not to communicate it to anyone else.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT COMPANY® or any other company of the Group using the Site cannot be held liable for fraudulent use of the access code.

Any operation carried out on with the User's connection identifiers is deemed to be made in the User's name and engages the User's responsibility.

The User shall refrain in particular in his personal space and on the free text zones made available to him on from any use contrary to the law, and in particular the sending of messages or the recording of content of a violent, defamatory or illicit nature.

Information technology and civil liberties

Registration with the CNIL and Protection of Personal Data

No personal information is collected without the User's knowledge or processed for unintended purposes.

Rights of opposition, access and rectification of data concerning the User

In accordance with the provisions of the modified law of January 6, 1978, the User may exercise his rights of opposition, access and rectification on the data concerning him by sending his request to the site administrator:


Concept and production:




 the main ingredient company® innovates in the extraction, concentration and bioavailability of complex natural molecules.


dreamed, designed & made in France.
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