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Spirulina + Free Phycocyanin ω.
Unique in the world, this Spirulina ω in liquid form is a concentrate of essential amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins, enriched with free phycocyanine with superior effects.

  • Liquid form - optimal bioavailability
  • Pleasant taste (rare) for easy daily use


  • Helps reduce micronutrient deficiencies
  • Amino Acids, Vitamins & Essential Minerals


  • Concentrated at 60mg per dose (X12 equivalent)
  • Immunity & Vitality
  • Free radical resistance
  • Sleep quality
  • Endurance & performance
  • Concentration & attention
  • Wellness and Stress Reduction
  • Neuroplasticity
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Liquid form
Natural Assets
100% compatible with the rules of Vegan nutrition
Vegan Ready
Lactose Free
MADE IN FRANCEreveived, designed and manufactured in France
Made in France


Spiruline ω : the first liquid spirulina enriched with highly assimilable free Phycocyanine ω .

All our products are designed for optimal absorption.
You can consume Spirulina ω (omega) according to your preference in one or two daily doses in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with your meal.


Period of use :

2 times daily, in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with a meal.
2 x 5ml per day (5ml = one teaspoon).

Normal use

From one to three months. This can be extended to three months.
1 daily dose in the morning on an empty stomach.
1x 16ml, i.e. about two tablespoons (2x8ml).

Specific Use

search for correction of deficiencies or a vegetable protein intake.
2 x 16ml or two tablespoons.


First pour water into a glass before pouring the Spiruline ω to facilitate its dilution.

Spirulina: appeared 3.5 billion years ago


Spirulina is a strange and fascinating organism. Although it looks like an alga in shape and structure, it is in fact a cyanobacterium (referring to its blue colour) and one of the very first forms of life on our planet, probably responsible for the massive oxygenation of the earth's atmosphere, which was itself a prerequisite for the appearance of complex organisms.


This undoubtedly explains its remarkable nutritional affinity with our needs since Spirulina contains almost all the amino acids, macro and micronutrients and vitamins considered essential for humans.


Spiruline ω is based on a bioavailable liquid form containing almost all the amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins essential to our physiology, to which is added a significant dose of Phycocyanine ω (1800mg). It offers 30 days of use at a rate of 2g per day of total spiruline and 60mg/day of absolutely pure and released phycocyanine.

2 daily doses


phycocyanin ω free 60mg (added)

γ-linolenic acid 20mg
ß-carotene 6.8μg
vitamin E 100μg
thiamin(B1) 48μg
niacin (B3) 256μg
tryptophan 19mg
threonine 59mg
leucine 99mg
isoleucine 64mg
valine 70mg
copper 0.12mg
iron 0.57mg
total phycocyanine 260mg

Spirulina ω (omega) has been designed to maintain, restore, prolong and optimise the body's natural balance.
It is particularly aimed at


Maintaining essential micronutrient intakes.
To prevent disorders linked to oxidative stress.
To prevent temporary states of fatigue and malaise.


Thanks to free Phycocyanin in particular


Support for performance and endurance.
Sleep quality.
Reduce stress and promote well-being.

Spiruline ω is based on a bioavailable liquid form containing almost all the amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins essential to our physiology, to which is added a significant dose of Phycocyanine ω (1800mg) known as "free", i.e. highly assimilable.



A promising but unavailable asset


Like all the active ingredients and natural extracts on which the main ingredient company relies, Spiruline ω was chosen for its balanced nutritional profile and its integrity. After two major analyses carried out at the end of production, validating its richness in micro- and macronutrients as well as its compliance with European and French standards in terms of heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and pesticides, it was then cross-checked by independent French laboratories (Labexan, Eurofins). The liquid Spirulina was finally released only after a second complete microbiology.


Spirulina + Phycocyanine ω


The main ingredient company has been working on the development of its
Liquid Spirulina for almost three years. This was the time needed to overcome major obstacles and allow this formula to become a truly new proposition in nutritional supplementation.

The most important feature of Spiruline ω is that it is enriched with a so-called "free" phycocyanine extract. This is in addition to the phycocyanin naturally contained in Spirulina, but has a much higher efficacy due to its almost total water solubility and exceptional bioavailability.

Phycocyanin actually refers to a complex of phycobiliproteins (protein + chromophore), itself consisting of a sequence of phycobilins that together increase the yield of chlorophyll during photosynthesis.

Since phycocyanine is a primitive pigment, it must be attached to a plant membrane called the thylakoid in order to function. This membrane poses a major problem by preventing the assimilability of phycocyanine. It is therefore imperative to release it in order to allow it to produce its effects: this is the case of phycocyanine X12 and X35 which are bioavailable forms of "free" phycocyanine. Spirulina, beyond its remarkable nutritional qualities, suffers from this major limitation consisting in the non-bioavailability of its native phycocyanin. The prospect of offering Spirulina without the benefits of its most precious component has long seemed like a contradiction in terms... But we have found the solution.


Literally the first "Super" Spirulina


Faced with this dilemma, we decided to increase our Spirulina to a concentration of "free" and bioavailable phycocyanin equivalent to X12 phycocyanin.

Each daily dose (16ml) of Spiruline ω therefore contains 60mg of pure, released phycocyanine ω and 2g of total Spirulina*. This means that Spiruline ω contains approximately 15% of its native phycocyanin, i.e. bound to its plant membrane (low bioavailability) to which the free phycocyanin ω is added (very high bioavailability) for an unprecedented effectiveness.


Liquid form, bioavailability and exceptional taste for maximum compliance!


the main ingredient company favours liquid-based formulations for several reasons: on the one hand, bioavailability, i.e. the proportion in which the active ingredients are effectively assimilated, and on the other hand to support better compliance, i.e. the extent to which the user will actually use the product on a daily basis.

Spiruline ω is based on a choice of spirulina with taste qualities compatible with repeated or even continuous use and is combined with a subtle and natural flavouring in order to facilitate its consumption by young people. The selection of a spirulina with a delicately iodized flavour and the development of a natural flavouring contribute to facilitate its use and to reinforce compliance. Supporting the body and physiology through supplementation is a long-term process if tangible effects are to be achieved.

Compliance is therefore a key factor in the construction of the long-term effects of any nutraceutical and is particularly justified in the case of Spirulina, where previous studies had shown how difficult and restrictive it was for users to use.

Positive contributions sought from the new Spiruline ω

Weight 0.654 kg
Dimensions 7.56 × 16.1 cm



vegetable glycerine, spirulina platensis (60g), free phycocyanine (1800mg)

Tips for use

Continuous use: 2 doses per day (16ml)
In the context of a preparation or a competitive environment: 4 daily doses (32ml)
In the case of a fragile context: 6 daily doses (48ml), spaced out, then increase or decrease the doses according to the perceived effects.
1 dose = (8ml) or 1 capful or 2 teaspoons diluted in water.

Day of use per bottle

Normal and/or ongoing use: 30 days, 2 doses per day (16ml)
Performance: 15 days, 4 doses per day
Fragile context, deficiencies: 10 days, 6 doses per day.
1 dose = (8ml) or 1 capful or 2 teaspoons diluted in water.


There are no known side effects at the recommended doses.
However, it is recommended that all persons undergoing therapeutic treatment, with a known medical history, or parents of children under six years of age, seek medical advice before starting a course of Spirulina ω.
In the current state of knowledge we formally advise against using Spirulina ω during pregnancy in view of its detoxifying action.



  1. Evelyne Guenat (confirmed customer) - –

    Very good product, a little thick but very good

  2. bezombesolivier (confirmed customer) - –

    Very good product that combines phycocyanine and spirulina and very pleasant to consume. I recommend this product.
    The quality / price ratio is excellent.

  3. gaelle.888 (confirmed customer) - –

    Excellent product that has no equivalent on the market! The energizing effects of spirulina enriched in free phyco are obvious and clearly felt from the 1st month of treatment, a sure value, quality and ethics are at the rendezvous 👌🏽

  4. Marie Gegout (confirmed customer) - –

    Frankly I usually hate the taste of spirulina and can never take it in powder or liquid ... but there it is nickel I see it without making faces! I really feel the difference when my energy and my health.
    I recommend it with my eyes closed and will definitely take it again.
    The bottle is quite large and the product has a beautiful deep green colour.

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