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The first liquid Saffron extract with proven effects that makes you happier in a fortnight *! Safr'inside™ + lemon balm. A single bottle ensures three months of use at an objectified dose (30mg/day).

  • Liquid form - optimal bioavailability - easy compliance 
  • Optimal course of treatment of three months' use, 30mg/day, allowing you to benefit from all the proven effects.

Saffron + Lemon balm

  • Significant improvement in emotional well-being (from 2 weeks) *3 out of 4 people happier after 14 days.
  • Mood balance (from two weeks)
  • Preponderance of positive emotions
  • **Sleep quality (from week 1 and optimal at 6 weeks) 60mg per day.
  • Reduction in the intensity of premenstrual pain at 4 and 8 weeks.
  • Significant reduction in post-menopausal hot flushes (-70%) at four weeks.
  • Liquid form - optimal compliance
  • Asset quality guaranteed by the Safr'Inside™ encapsulation technique
  • Safranal content measured and validated by U-HPLC technique.

Liquid form
Natural Assets
100% compatible with the rules of Vegan nutrition
Vegan Ready
Lactose Free
MADE IN FRANCEreveived, designed and manufactured in France
Made in France


Saffron ω induces a significant improvement in well-being within two weeks, in sleep from the first week, as well as a reduction in premenstrual pain and post-menopausal symptoms at 8 weeks.

Resulting from a partnership with the Aquitaine laboratory Activ'Inside®, Safran ω combines Safr'Inside™, the richest extract of Iranian Saffron with patented advances in extraction.


The liquid form of Saffron developed by the main ingredient company® promotes compliance and preservation of the active ingredients. The associated Melissa potentiates the effects of the Saffron metabolites by acting on the receptors.


Saffron ω concentrates three months of treatment in order to consolidate the benefits derived from its use over a period of 2 to 8 weeks.
You can consume Saffron ω (omega) according to your preference in one or two daily doses in the morning with breakfast and in the evening with your meal for a total of 1.7ml per day, i.e. 30mg of Saffron Inside and 150mg of Lemon Balm (¼ of a measuring cap).
In the case of sleep disorders, studies are based on a daily dose of 3.4ml (60mg Safr'Inside™) or ½ measuring cap.


Period of use :

Three months. May be extended as needed.

Normal use

1 daily dose in the morning or evening.
1x 1.7ml or ¼ of a measuring cap.

Specific Use

Sleep Disorders: 1 x 3.4ml (½ cap) for 6 weeks one bottle


Consume Saffron ω with 5 to 10cl of water for maximum comfort.

Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus and has three red stigmas and three yellow stamens.


Saffron is mined in several countries around the world, but it was in Persia (Iran) that saffron was mined over 3,000 years ago.


Spice, pigment, powerful aromatic agent, saffron is used as a remedy in the thousand-year-old pharmacopoeia to treat numerous ailments.
Its effects on mood are noted by the WHO.


Traditionally used to spread joy and promote the ability to be happy, it is known to relieve sleep disorders and alleviate premenstrual symptoms. Other properties are also attributed to it on eye inflammation and joint pain, now supported by published clinical trials and claims pending approval by EFSA.


Hindsight on its use is measured in millennia. The general state of knowledge as established by official documents and studies underlines this harmlessness and makes Saffron an ingredient considered as safe. It is nevertheless recommended not to consume more than 1.5 g per day.


Safr'Inside™ is the only saffron extract approved as a new dietary ingredient.

1 daily dose


For a daily dose (90 days of use)

lemon balm leaf extract (melissa officinalis L.) (150mg)

Safr'InsideTM : saffron stigma extract (crocus sativus L.) (30mg)

Saffron ω (omega) has been designed to improve mood and emotional well-being significantly from two weeks and decisively at six weeks. It also alleviates a number of disorders often associated with depression.


  • Corrige significativement les troubles sévères de l’humeur par rapport à un placebo. Les premiers effets positifs significatifs sont observés après seulement 2 semaines. ( étude basée sur dose orale de 30mg à 2% de Safranal soit l’équivalent 1,7ml / jour de Safran ω contenant 30mg de Safr’Inside™)


  • Délivre la même efficacité que les stabilisateurs d’humeur pharmaceutiques bien connus, tels que la fluoxétine et l’imipramine, sans aucun effet indésirable. (étude basée sur dose orale de 30mg à 2% de Safranal soit l’équivalent 1,7ml / jour de Safran ω contenant 30mg de Safr’Inside™)


  • Significantly improves sleep quality compared to placebo. (study based on an oral dose of 300mg of stigma corresponding to 3.4ml / day of Saffron ω containing 60 mg of Safr'Inside™ ):
    • after only 1 week for mild disorders.


  • Premenstrual symptoms: aafter 6 weeks for severe disorders in one person out of two: -50% of the severity of the in 76% of women supplemented. (study based on an oral dose of 30g at 2% Safranal, i.e. the equivalent of 1.7ml / day of Safran ω containing 30mg of Safr'Inside™)


  • Post menopausal syndrome: 2 randomised, placebo-controlled clinical studies published on 78 women suffering from PMS (study based on an oral dose of 30g at 2% Safranal, i.e. the equivalent of 1.7ml / day of Safran ω containing 30mg of Safr'Inside™)

The science of 'happiness


Many of us go through periods of intense emotions and many unavoidable stresses. Being happy and remaining emotionally balanced means better appreciating the overwhelmingly positive emotions we receive in contrast to the negative emotions we tend to amplify through an increasingly well understood cognitive reflex called negativity bias.


An exposure and a concern for one in two people.

Our lifestyles are returning to the search for a complex balance between work, family, relationships and personal health. Faced with such a challenge, each of us experiences mood swings and rough patches here and there, the most severe effects of which can be erased.


The active molecules of Saffron


First of all, Safranal is the main contributor to the effects attributed to Saffron in general. It is its objective concentration that ensures the effectiveness of Saffron ω.

Crocin is a carotenoid that gives Saffron its unique colour. The effects of crocin are increasingly being studied and are now established independently of Safranal.

The biochemical precursor of Safranal, picrocrocine, makes it possible to constitute a reserve that can be released later.

Finally, other metabolites such as crocetin and kaempferol have been shown in animal models to significantly reduce anxiety in situations of intense stress.


An inhibitory action on certain key stress hormones


Mood changes directly stimulate the synthesis of cortisol, a key hormone associated with stress and its consequences. Safranal is especially involved in controlling cortisol levels, as reported in a clinical study.

This level of Cortisol then induces changes in the mood regulators called neurotransmitters. In particular, it reduces the activation of serotonin, which is essential to counterbalance the tensions produced by the environment.


Safranal balances the activation of neurotransmitters responsible for excitation (Dopamine and Glutamate) and inhibition (GABA & Serotonin)

Safr'InsideTM : a technical solution based on a rational scientific approach


Most of the studies on which claims of Safran's effectiveness are based are based on concentrations of 2% Safranal. However, these are established on the basis of UV analyses which often tend to overestimate this proportion.

This results in a real rate that is sometimes 10 times lower and the difficulty of reliably analysing the presence of secondary metabolites, which is a factor in the effectiveness of the active ingredient.

Safr'Inside Standard Saffron Extract

Safranal (UV) 2% 2%

Safranal (U-H PLC) 0.25% 0.02


The concentrations by Safr'Inside™ are validated by a proprietary and published ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (U-HPLC) analytical method. Superior to the UV 3632 method, U-HPLC ensures that the 25 most volatile compounds such as safranal, crocines, crocetines, picrocrocines, kaempferols and their derivatives are distinguished. Called Safromotivins, they are all involved in the efficacy of Safran ω .


100% free of colouring agents
100% original saffron Crocus sativus L. : DNA test
100% organic, vegan, kosher and halal

Major effects of Safran ω

Weight 0,210 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4.5 × 12.5 cm



Vegetable glycerine, water, lemon balm leaf extract (melissa officinalis L.) (150mg) Safr'InsideTM : saffron stigma extract (crocus sativus L.) (30mg)

Tips for use

Continuous use: 1 dose per day (1.7ml)
1 daily dose in the morning or evening.
1x 1.7ml or ¼ of a measuring cap
Specific use
Sleep disorders: 1 x 3.4ml (½ measuring cap) for 6 weeks (one bottle)

Day of use per bottle

Normal and/or ongoing use: 90 days, 1 dose per day (1.7ml)
Sleep Disorders: 1 x 3.4ml or 2 x 1.7ml per day (½ measuring cap) i.e. 45 days of use


There are no known side effects at the recommended doses.
However, it is advisable for anyone undergoing therapeutic treatment, with a known medical history, or for parents of children under six years of age, to seek medical advice before starting a course of treatment with Safran ω. It is not recommended to combine Saffron ω with antidepressants.



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