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Curcumine ω

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. It is the main curcuminoid in curcuma longa (about 80%). It belongs to the curcuminoids (desmethoxycurcumin, bidesmethoxycurcumin, dihydrocurcumin). They give the yellow colour to the rhizome of the turmeric from which they are extracted.

A promising but unavailable asset

Curcumin is often recommended for its virtues. It has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and continues to fuel the hopes of researchers with spectacular results in vitro. The prospects of transposing the results to the body have been limited until now because of its very low bioavailability and the difficulty for manufacturers to extract it.
Its low bioavailability is related to its fat solubility. Less than 1% of Curcuminoids are assimilated by the body in their standard form. To counter this low assimilation due to the liposolubility of curcumin, the association with piperine (black pepper extract) is currently used. This increases intestinal permeability by creating micro-lesions serving as a gateway for curcuma, with the disadvantage of increasing non-selective permeability and the passage of other substances and toxins. Some studies have shown the appearance of food intolerances and allergies, among others. Nevertheless, these results must be weighted on a case-by-case basis given the considerable doses often involved in the studies cited (>40mg/d/kg in rodents). Beyond the reservations expressed and the hopes raised, piperine does not seem to us to increase bioavailability significantly enough in comparison with other strategies.


Encapsulation techniques are also used to increase bioavailability. Liposomes are used because of their ability to solubilize hydrophobic components, but the improvements noted are still too inconclusive.

the limitations of ordinary processes

the pitfall of fat solubility

To meet these challenges, we pursued two objectives: to increase the total bioavailability of curcuminoids and to refine the processes allowing higher concentrations in a liquid form. Based on the experiments we conducted, the choice was made to use a dispersion of Curcuminoid nanoparticles supported by hydrophilic agents that cause partial solubilisation.

Advanced research at the main ingredient company® has developed a liquid curcumin
- ensuring increased natural assimilation, without chemical additives or surfactants.
- The liquid curcumin has been developed with a solubilisation of a part of the curcuminoid fraction.

The research and development work of the main ingredient company® s research and development work has resulted in a nanodispersed and solubilised curcumin with increased bioavailability, at significant concentrations (1200mg/100g, Curcumin ω)

"we have two goals: to offer a highly bioavailable form and to develop new processes that allow higher concentrations on a liquid basis."

Curcumin ω,
Solubilisation and Nanodispersion

To counteract this poor uptake, we developed a form of curcumin that synthesises between nanodispersion and solubilisation. This results in facilitated intestinal transport and not in increased permeability with piperine. This passive transport is the route used in the case of encapsulated curcumin and which allows such an increase in bioavailability. However, unlike encapsulated forms, the water-soluble form of Curcumin ω avoids the use of surfactants, and any chemical additives. The new generation of Curcumin ω has also increased the concentration of curcumin with increased bioavailability from 50mg/100ml to 1200mg/100ml.

Standardized curcuminoid bioavailability

Curcumin + Piperine

Bioavailability Curcumine ω 2.0

understanding and objectifying

Efficiency factor (F)

Curcumin titration VS bioavailability VS efficacy

The effectiveness of curcumin is supported by numerous studies linking its use to the improvement of the condition of users in various contexts. This efficacy is based on two factors: the amount of product and the ratio of this amount to the actual proportion of curcumin that can reach the vascular system. The main ingredient company has succeeded in stabilising curcumin in an effective form with the effect of significantly increasing its bioavailability. It is the combination of the 1200mg/100g (3g/250ml) titration and its assimilability that determines the objective performance of Curcumine ω as measured by the efficacy factor (F).


the main ingredient company® innovates in the extraction, concentration and bioavailability of complex natural molecules.


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Curcumine ω

highly bioavailable
Technical curcumin, the main ingredient company

Discover our technical file on research the main ingredient company® dedicated to phycocyanin ω

"The main ingredient company has succeeded in stabilising curcumin in an effective form with the effect of significantly increasing its bioavailability."

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