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les complements alimentaires the main au bénéfice des animaux

Les formules
de complémentation nutritionnelle ω au service du bien-être animal.


Un travail de plusieurs années, portant notamment sur les chevaux de compétition, nous a permis d’établir avec confiance une étroite proximité entre les effets des Phycoycanine, Curcumine et Spiruline ω sur l’humain et l’animal. Aujourd’hui, the main ingredient company vous propose de découvrir son approche de la complémentation animale avec ce premier livre blanc spécialement enrichi de la compétence de naturopathes spécialisés.

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+ energy

vitality, performance, immunity,
concentration, attention and endurance

+ happy

emotional balance, sleep quality, enthusiasm

+ comfort

Muscular, articular and tendinous comfort,
premenstrual cycles and postmenopausal syndromes

+ balance

correction of micronutritional deficiencies
& supply of amino acids and essential vitamins

+ fluidity

intestinal balance, stabilisation of the microbiota

We believe that everyone deserves natural products that are truly effective, concentrated, easy and pleasant to use day after day, accessible and ideally produced in France...

Food supplements ω


Natural, safe formulas with rapid and significant effects, easy to use on a daily basis, accessible to all.


Concentrated products for optimal effectiveness, triple-checked to ensure confidence, a bioavailable (assimilable) liquid form for incomparable ease of use, and ongoing organisational efforts to ensure access to the greatest number. 

the nutritional formulas ω are designed to act on your energy level, the harmonisation of your body (immunity, kidney and liver functions), your confidence, your attention span, your stamina, your performance, your quality of sleep, to attenuate and soothe discomforts, to stop the mechanisms of depression, to pacify your emotions, to relieve anxieties and anxieties, in order to have an overall impact on your well-being and to stimulate your path towards greater happiness.
*European Food Safety Authority
**Food and Drug Administration™.


the main ingredient company® has been created and structured to ensure that our products are accessible to as many people as possible.

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